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    Update 11/23: – DPVA 1st Vice Chair Gaylene Kanoyton has been contacting all of the petition signers this morning telling us we can expect to hear from Moran soon. So at least somebody’s paying attention.

    Today, DPVA circulated an update to the agenda for the Dec. 3rd Central Committee meeting. Many of you read and signed the petition, Monday, demanding change in DPVA’s policies and structure. Lo and behold, a brand new agenda item appeared today! Dare we say it was a success?!

    Strategic Forum & Work-Groups (Peninsula Room)

    Begins 20 minutes after Central Committee adjourns and will end at 2 PM. This session provides an opportunity for Democrats to offer ideas, share their opinion and engage in productive discussion about the Democratic Party in both an open forum and in breakout groups. This session will also review the progress of the DPVA Strategic Plan adopted in 2010.

    That sounds great! Oh, but wait. I’m sorry – you weren’t invited. This very special “opportunity for Democrats to offer ideas” is only available to the members of Central Committee and local committee chairs. And I don’t know about you, but even if I was invited, 10 days notice for a meeting in Hampton is a tough sell for a working, family person.

    So once again, we see that DPVA’s planning and strategy is “open” only to insiders and party elites. So much for grassroots input!

    Are you as fed up as I am? Tell DPVA what you think. Demand a change by signing the petition!


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