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Ezra Klein Discusses Can’tor FAIL on The Ed Show


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In Eric Can’tor’s hyper-ideological, immune-to-facts world, Ronald Reagan is a mythological hero who never compromised on his principles. In reality, as pointed out on The Ed Show, Reagan raised taxes 12 times in his presidency, including a 3-year, $100 billion tax hike (largest since World War II) and the largest corporate tax hike in history to that point. Reagan, of course, also backtracked and ended up negotiating with the Soviet Union (offering to give up all our ballistic missiles, no less!), which he had earlier called “the Evil Empire.” Reagan also signed a large-scale amnesty for “illegal immigrants” into law, expanded government greatly, racked up huge amounts of debt, and pretty much violated every “principle” Eric Can’tor and his merry band of Teahadists holds dear. It’s truly astounding that someone this hollow, this ignorant, and this mindlessly ideological can be House Majority Leader, in line to possibly be the next Speaker of the House. What an embarrassment (to Virginia, humanity, etc.).


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