NY City Gangs, Gun Runners, Other Criminals to Bob McDonnell: Thank You!!!


    Bob McDonnell just made gangs in NY City (and up and down the east coast), gun runners, and other criminals very happy. As for the rest of us being happy, let alone safe, thanks to McDonnell’s craven, brain-dead repeal of Virginia’s one-handgun-per-month law…well, that’s another story.



    Important Law Enforcement Tool Scuttled

    Richmond, VA-Despite the concern of a former state police superintendent and numerous others across the Commonwealth, Governor Bob McDonnell today is set to sign legislation repealing Virginia’s 19-year one-gun-a-month law even though a strong majority, 66 percent, of Virginians prefers to have it remain in place, according to a recent Christopher Newport University/Richmond Times-Dispatch survey.

    I wish the Governor would have listened to the voices of his constituents and current and former law enforcement officials who weighed in on this important public safety issue,” said Lori Haas, gun violence prevention advocate and mother of Emily Haas, a survivor of the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre. “We are very disappointed this protection is being taken away. Getting rid of the one-handgun-a-month law will make it easier for gun traffickers to purchase handguns in bulk. There have been too many tragedies in other states fueled by guns that come from Virginia, and this will only make the situation worse.”

    “The statewide survey results mirrored results we saw from last month showing that a strong majority of voters in the New River Valley and southwest Virginia oppose weakening the one-handgun-a-month law,” said Josh Horwitz with Virginians for Responsible Gun Laws. “From our inner-cities, to our suburban neighborhoods, to our rural communities, it is clear that a broad majority of voters support giving law enforcement officials the tools they need to combat gun trafficking. Our state and local elected officials need to know that this is an issue that cuts across geographic, gender, ethnic and other lines and resonates with voters, Republicans and Democrats alike, in every corner of the Commonwealth.”

    Horwitz concluded by stating that “during this Session of the General Assembly, the leadership in the House and Senate have pursued initiatives that have invited ridicule and mockery of Virginia from near and far, and sadly doing away with one-gun-a-month continues that same theme.”

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