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Doonesbury and the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star’s Fake Moralism


The comic strip Doonesbury continues its series this week on the invasive transvaginal ultrasound bills pushed by Republican legislators in Virginia, Texas and Georgia. Several newspapers have refused to carry the strip, including the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star. BlueVirginia commenter OrangeDem flagged the paper’s explanation: “We were one of several newspapers that found some of the language used in this week’s Doonesbury to be inappropriate for a family newspaper.” Oh, really? Now the Free Lance-Star gets the vapors at inappropriate” langugage” … just one week after using its editorial page to try to equate Rush Limbaugh’s vulgar sexism to someone – anyone – on the left?

And more broadly, I’m sure the Free Lance-Star is just shocked that Doonesbury would take on a controversial topic. “This would be jarring if all of a sudden Garfield tackled abortion and Republican right misogyny, but this is Doonesbury. It’s a political cartoon,” says Matt DeRienzo the Journal Register (CT). Doonesbury’s language is only “inappropriate” for right-wing newspapers when it does its best work exposing the GOP’s fraudulent morals.

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