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Pew Poll: Obama Creaming Willard, Dems Whomping the Red Team


The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press is out with a new poll that demolishes the false narrative that President Obama is somehow slipping in the polls. Actually, it’s not just Pew; check out Gallup, which has U.S. satisfaction levels at a 10-month high, and President Obama at a 48%-45% approval rating, up sharply from 38%-54% last September. OMG, we’re doomed – DOOMED I tell you! Or not. Anyhoo…here are a few highlights from Pew:

*”Obama’s own job approval rating has reached 50% for the first time since last May, shortly after the killing of Osama bin Laden.”

*”Among all voters, Obama leads Romney by 12 points (54% to 42%) and Santorum by 18 points (57% to 39%).”

*”Obama’s advantage among women voters, while largely unchanged from a month ago, remains substantial – 20 points over Romney and 26 points over Santorum.” Hey, Republican’ts, how’s that incessant assault on women’s reproductive freedom and health – not to mention disparaging them in crude language only a dittohead could love – working  out for ya?

*”Obama also holds an enthusiasm advantage over both of his main GOP rivals. In a matchup with Romney, 41% say they support Obama strongly, compared with only 28% who strongly support the former Massachusetts governor.” My question is, why would anyone be enthusiastic about flippin’ Willard “Mitt” Romney? I mean, fine, I “get it” that many Republicans will suck it up and trudge to the voting booths in November to vote against the socialistcommiekenyanmuslim. But enthusiasm for the author of Romneycare, who once ran to the left of Ted Kennedy but now is running hard to the right of Attila the Hun, Ayatollah Santorum, etc, while disparaging NASCAR fans’ attire, claiming that “corporations are people,” constantly talking about how all his friends are super rich, etc? I simply don’t see it.

*”Nearly six-in-ten registered voters (59%) say that Obama is likely to prevail if the election is between Obama and Romney.” (Note: Intrade currently has President Obama’s reelection chances at 62%)

*Approval for President Obama’s handling of the economy is up, as is his overall approval rating (now 50%-41%).

*The Democratic Party has a 49%-43% approval rating, while the Republican Party is under water at 36%-56%. Heckuva job, Eric Can’tor, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Willard, et al!

*With regard to the Affordable Care Act, which Republicans love to call “Obamacare” (even though Obama’s popular, so why they’d want to do that is beyond me), it’s got a 47%-45% approval rating; not awesome, but not negative either. Also interesting, only 38% of Americans favor repealing the law, while 33% want to expand it (I’m in that group, strongly – give us a robust public option, ASAP!), and 20% want to “leave as is.”

*Who likes the Republican Party? Other than Republicans themselves, no subgroup — men (-21 points), women (-18 points), whites (-11 points), blacks (-60 points), Latinos (-30 points), even people making $75,000 or more (-18 points) — has a net positive view of the Republican’ts. So sad. 🙁

*In contrast, Democrats have strong favorable ratings among women (+14 points), blacks (+71 points), Latinos (+25 points), and those making under $75,000 per year (about +10 points).

*As for the economy, most Americans think it’s a mixed picture (62%), with just 24% saying it’s “mostly bad news” (included in that number is Eric Can’tor, John Boehner, etc.).

*Also, only 14% of Americans think the economy will be worse off in a year from now, while 44% say it will be better and 38% the same. Basically, concerns over unemployment are receding, while frustration over rising gasoline prices (which we’re bombarded with 24/7 by the corporate hack media for some idiotic reason) is growing. By the way, people can be as frustrated as they want over gasoline prices, but there is essentially NOTHING the president – any president – can do about them in the short run. What can YOU do? If possible, trade in your vehicle for one that gets a lot higher gas mileage, combine trips, inflate your tires, walk and bike and take public transportation whenever you can, etc. That’s about it in the short run.

Bottom line: right now, about 7 1/2 months from election day, President Obama and the Democrats are looking strong, at least according to Pew (and Gallup and numerous other polls). Of course, standard disclaimer: a lot can change between now and then, don’t get overconfident, work like we’re 5 points behind, etc. Having said that, personally I’d much rather be in our position right now then theirs. 🙂

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