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Stupor Tuesday Results: Open Thread


Please feel free to use this as an open thread to discuss today’s Republican’t primaries in Virginia (yawn) and elsewhere. Are you feeling the Mitt-mentum? How about some “surging Santorum?” Newt Gingrich’s gigantic exploding head? Or, perhaps you’re in a stupor just thinking about how crazy, clueless, reckless, and pathetic this Republican’t field is (and how badly President Obama is going to maul them in November)?  That’s about where I’m at right now.

UPDATE 7:00 pm: NBC reports that Newt Gingrich has won his home state of Georgia, as expected. Also, NBC says Virginia’s too early to call, which is somewhat surprising (Romney was supposed to win easily).

UPDATE 7:06 pm: Daily Kos Elections says “Virginia exit polls back out to 63 Romney, 37 Paul.” If so, that’s really pathetic for Romney, especially given the extremely low turnout today. Can we say “no enthusiasm?”

UPDATE 7:12 pm: Per CNN, looks like a weak showing for Romney in Vermont, with exit polls showing “Romney received 38% support, followed by Paul with 27%, Santorum with 23% and Gingrich with 8%.” Another way to look at it: 62% of Vermont Republicans want anyone BUT Romney!

UPDATE 7:18 pm: Results from the Virginia State Board of Elections with 12.5% of precincts reporting, it’s Romney 14,605 (59%)-Paul 9,947 (41%). Turnout is miniscule. FAIL.

UPDATE 7:20 pm: MSNBC calls Virginia for Romney. That was never the question, of course — the margin of victory and the turnout both were. On those counts, Romney “won” Virginia, but certainly not in an impressive manner. Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling can’t be too happy (although they’ll pretend it was a smashing victory for Willard, of course – whatever).

UPDATE 7:38 pm: According to CNN Elections, exit polls in OH show “Romney 40%, Santorum 36%, Gingrich 12%, Paul 11%.”

UPDATE 7:39 pm: With 57% of Virginia precincts reporting, Romney’s leading Paul 59%-41%, with just 2.8% of active voters participating. Pitiful.

UPDATE 7:48 pm: The AP has projected that Willard will win Vermont.

UPDATE 7:54 pm: Four years ago in Virginia, turnout was 986,203 for Democrats; 487,478 for Republicans (McCain won with 243,981 votes). Currently, with 76% of precincts reporting, a total of 181,043 Republicans have voted in the 2012 primary, with 107,022 votes for Romney and 74,021 votes for Paul. FAIL.

UPDATE 8:00 pm: CBS News “projects Romney to win Mass.; in TN Santorum has a small lead; in OK Santorum leads.”

UPDATE 8:17 pm: CNN exit polls have Rick Santorum winning Oklahoma, with about 38% of the vote, with Willard and Newton Leroy trailing with about 25% of the vote each.

UPDATE 8:27 pm: It appears that Ron Paul will win the 3rd CD of Virginia. Paul also has won Charlottesville (388-355), Floyd County (260-208), Montgomery County (993-979), Patrick County (255-241), Pulaski County (334-326), Surry County (129-112), Warren County (754-528), Lynchburg City (1,643-1,578), Manassas Park City (110-96), Portsmouth City (1,144-1,077), and possibly a few more before the night’s out. Also, with 91% of precincts reporting, Republican turnout is at 235,327 (5.1% of active voters).

UPDATE 9:04 pm: With 98.56% of precincts reporting in Virginia, turnout is just 260,671 (5.5%), sharply down from 487,478 turnout in 2008.  Astounding, embarrassingly bad. FAIL FAIL FAIL!

UPDATE 9:28 pm: With 33% of the vote counted in OH, Santorum leads Willard 39%-36%.

UPDATE 9:58 pm: With 55% reporting in OH, Santorum leads Willard by about 11,500 votes, 38%-36%.

UPDATE 10:12 pm: Santorum has won North Dakota easily over Ron Paul and Willard. Santorum leading Willard by 12,500 votes in OH with 64% reporting. Santorum also has won Oklahoma and Tennessee. Not a bad night for Santorum so far, will be a great night if he wins Ohio!