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Virginia News Headlines: Thursday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, March 29. Also, check out the rally for Trayvon Martin, and also the video showing that George Zimmerman is clearly a liar, in addition to being a murderer. Why isn’t he in jail?!?

*Activist judges at the Court (If the 5 “conservatives” on the Court strike down a law, duly passed by Congress and signed by the president, they will have engaged in one of the greatest examples of “legislating from the bench” – something they claim to hate – since the New Deal. Do they comprehend this?)

*Sources: McDonnell’s Former Chef Embezzled Thousands

*2016 watch: Rand, Cuccinelli to Iowa

*Warner urges House to pass a transportation funding bill

*Feds taking step toward possible drilling off Virginia (The Obama administration morphs into the “drill baby drill” administration? Ugh.)

*Editorial: Back to the negotiating table (“It’s up to legislators to separate the budget wheat from the chaff, and to do it quickly”)

*Michelle Obama to address Tech grads (“The first lady will join Sen. Mark Warner as speakers at commencement on May 11.”)

*Marshall delivers signatures for Senate bid

*Metro columnist Dan Casey: Bedtime in Coochville: Cover up, sleep if you dare

*Cuccinelli ‘cautiously optimistic’ of ruling against health law

*Bolling battles Cuccinelli for a share of the spotlight (“Attorney general sprints ahead opposing health law”)

*Gov. chef didn’t get criminal background check when he was recruited

*Ex-Executive Mansion chef’s background was not checked

*Sex-offender checks could be shifted from state troopers to civilians

*Local officials blast state roads rule as ‘overreach’

*Loudoun chairman says unionized labor on Silver Line project is a likely deal breaker (Uh, there are a lot of reasons why this project has “issues,” but “Unionized labor” sure as heck ain’t one of them. Except for Republican’ts, that is.)

*Fairfax is biggest draw for region’s newest residents

*New regulations could doom proposed Surry coal plant (Let’s hope!)

*Loudoun newspaper Leesburg Today sold to Texas company


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