8th CD Petition Signatures Controversy Escalates – Charges of Corruption Leveled; Moran Statement


    I was discussing the 8th CD petitions situation with fellow Democrats yesterday, and was 100% expecting this reaction by the Shuttleworth campaign (alleging “pathetic, smoke-filled backroom, Tammany Hall corruption” in the local Democratic Party). The question is whether there’s any truth to Shuttleworth’s allegations. So far, I haven’t heard anything that would lead me to believe that there is, but I definitely think we need to find out what happened here exactly. For its part, the Moran campaign issued the following statement:

    The Moran campaign submitted their petitions well ahead of the deadline to avoid any last minute problems. It’s a deep concern that petitions appear to have been misplaced by the Fairfax County Registrar’s Office. We urge local officials to get to the bottom of the situation to find out what really happened, to ensure the Democratic process is protected.

    For our campaign, nothing has changed. We were fully preparing for a primary, and the coming attacks from the conservative, Texas oil money fueled Super PAC that has stated their intent to try defeat the congressman, who has been a champion of the environment throughout his time in Congress.

    The bottom line is this: we need a full explanation, ASAP, from the 8th CD Democratic committee, the Fairfax Registrar, and anyone else who was involved in this FUBAR situation. Right now, this situation is making Democrats look bad, and that will only help Republicans in the end. Not cool.

    • pashin

      I fear that, in the court of public opinion, the burden of proof still lies on the 8th CD Democratic Committee.  The DPVA statement is not sufficient and the explanation that the petitions “were distributed to impartial local officials”  needs some clarification.  Among other things the 8th CDDC should explain things like:  Is this SOP?   What’s the custodial chain on these documents?   Where was the breakdown?  Have there been glitches before?  What steps are being taken to address the problem?  

      I know that there will be those for whom this will still be inadequate.  However, that circumstance should not stop the 8th CDDC from undertaking due diligence, getting to the bottom of this, and communicating in a clear and timely manner.    

      While I am sympathetic with NJM’s view that rookie candidates often lack smooth operations and therefore pose challenges to the system, Shuttleworth appears to have met the deadlines set by the committee (unlike Newt, et. al.). It shouldn’t really matter that he got his petitions on the day of the deadline rather than “well ahead of the deadline” as Moran did.  The committee is still responsible for the process and should get as far in front of this issue as it is still possible to get, without alibis.