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Ken Cuccinelli Has the Solution to All Your Problems: Ken Cuccinelli


Smith and CuccinelliKen Cuccinelli has quite the televangelist-style pyramid scheme going. He’s always so close to stopping those evil moderates … if only you’ll give him a little more money, and ask your friends to do the same.

He was pitching the Cuccinelli brand Monday night at Virginia’s Christendom College:

Programs like health care reform threaten to give the government, specifically Congress, the ability to order citizens to do anything it wants, including what kinds of food to eat and what kinds of cars to buy, Cuccinelli said.

Cuccinelli also warned of scientific discoveries and groundbreaking technology that threaten to undermine society’s ethical foundations. He accused climate scientists, almost all of whom have asserted that human activity is the primary cause of a dangerous worldwide warming of temperatures, of contaminating their research with a political agenda.

“This kind of politicized science and world view drives their research,” he said. He made no direct mention of a recent ruling by the Virginia Supreme Court that halted his investigation into the work of climate scientist Michael E. Mann, a former member of the University of Virginia faculty.

Ken Cuccinelli lies like this as a political technique: Throw out lies in such volume & frequency that no one can ever hope to refute them all. And if reporters DO point out how much he’s lying, Cuccinelli will just say they’re part of the liberal media.

Cuccinelli uses the lies to connect with his Tea Party supporters. No matter what’s in the news that day – health insurance reform, fuel efficiency standards, climate science – Cuccinelli frames it as part of the culture war. They’re all out to get you, and the only one who can save you is, of course, Ken Cuccinelli:

Cuccinelli ended his speech with an appeal to students in the audience to volunteer for his campaign which, he said, will swing into full gear next year after this fall’s elections.

Cuccinelli does this constantly and shamelessly – emails to supporters that detail some existential threat, followed by Cuccinelli asking for more money, more email subscribers, more volunteers, etc.

Progressives can be too quick to categorize people like Ken Cuccinelli, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin as nutty or crazy. That’s completely wrong. They’re using a tried and true method of building a following and milking that following for money & power. And by the time people realize they’ve been lied to, Sylvester McMonkey McBean has skipped town with their money.

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