Tracy Thorne-Begland: This may be old news, but . . .


    Here’s a clip from an item on Raw Story today.…

    Tracy Thorne-Begland, the openly gay Virginia prosecutor who was denied a judgeship earlier this month by legislators concerned that his orientation might affect the way he interprets the law, might still have a chance at the job.  According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, when the legislature rejects a candidate for judgeship, the six other judges in Richmond’s Circuit Court have the authority to fill the post, paving the way for Thorne-Begland to take the bench as an interim judge until the General Assembly reconvenes in January.

    Has anyone heard if there is movement among the Richmond judges to do this?

    The Raw Story article goes on to say if he is appointed by the other judges, his term runs out when the legislature reconvenes at which point the General Assembly will have to vote on him again.

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