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Video: Tim Kaine Speaks at “Ready to Go” Rally in Richmond


Gotta love this huge crowd that – unlike Republican rallies – actually looks like America! It’s also great to see Coach Shaka Smart and former Governor Tim Kaine both strongly supporting Barack Obama for reelection. Why is this important? As the Obama campaign slogan clearly states, we want to keep moving “FORWARD,” not lurch backwards with Republicans, whose only “answers” to our problems involve heaping money on the wealthiest corporations and individuals, slashing education and other important infrastructure, privatizing Social Security and Medicare, playing games with America’s credit rating, pushing their war on women (e.g., defunding Planned Parenthood, mandating “transvaginal ultrasounds,” etc.). Obviously, those are not the “answers” our country needs.

Meanwhile, it’s important to point out that as Bob McDonnell runs expensive (and fallacious) ads while running around Virginia trying desperately to repair his tarnished image as a supposed “moderate” who would focus on jobs, Virginia is doing better today than it was when Barack Obama took office in SPITE of Republican obstructionism, cuts to state and local government employees, and other damaging policies. If you run into “Transvaginal Bob” at one of his taxpayer-funded Image Repair Tour stops, you might want to point that out to him!

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