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Intense Heat Wave Melts Records Across Virginia


Tian Tian enjoys a fruitsicleThe temperature at National Airport hit 104 this afternoon according to the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang. “We are now experiencing D.C.’s hottest June temperatures in 142 years of record-keeping,” says CWG’s Jason Samenow.

With the dew point at 70 degrees, it feels like 111 degrees right now. How fast is global warming rewriting our temperature records? The old June record was just tied last year, a 102 degree day on June 9, 2011. (Globally, 2012 has been nearly a full degree above the 20th century average.)

At 101 degrees, Roanoke is having its hottest June day in 53 years & overnight had its hottest “low” ever at 82 degrees. Richmond has already tied its all-time high for June 29th & it’s possible it could break the record. It’s 97 right now in Hampton, two degrees above the forecast high but still short of the record for the date (100 degrees).

What’s it like where you are?


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