Women’s Health is at Stake


    clinicsign1.jpgThis week, access to safe and legal abortion in Virginia is at stake. Behind-the-scenes maneuvering by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Governor Bob McDonnell is risking the health of Virginia women.

    This Friday, June 15, the Virginia Board of Health will vote on whether to move forward with the McDonnell administration’s proposed permanent regulations of women’s health care centers.  The regulations go against the recommendations of medical professionals. If passed, these TRAP (Targeted Regulations of Abortion Providers) rules will become the most restrictive state abortion regulations in the country–threatening to end access to critical cancer screenings, annual care, and access to safe and legal first-trimester abortion for thousands of Virginia women.

    To protect women’s health the Board of Health needs to hear from you. Tell them now not to restrict women’s access to health care. After you contact them–please also tell your friends and family to take action on Facebook and on Twitter.

    If the right-wing ideological duo of Governor Bob McDonnell and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli have their way, Virginia will soon step back into 1972, placing access to legal, safe abortion out of reach for thousands of women. This has national implications far beyond Virginia, and we need your support NOW. Tell Virginia regulators you don’t support medically unnecessary and burdensome regulations that would restrict women’s access to comprehensive health care services.

    Additionally – this Friday: You can join fellow progressives at a silent protest at the June 15th Board of Health meeting to show your opposition.


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