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Virginia Election Results Open Thread/Live Blog


It’s 7 pm, and polls are now closed. Which races are you watching? On the Republican side, I’m curious how big a victory George Allen will have over multiple opponents (as Paul Goldman wrote the other day, it’s all about expectations, with anything under 50% a #FAIL and anything over 60% a successful evening for “Felix”). I’m also interested in which Republican will be selected to lose to Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-11th) in November. On the Democratic side, I’m curious whether Rep. Jim Moran will surpass 80% of the vote against Bruce Shuttleworth. Finally, there are local races, like the Alexandria City Council Democratic primary. Anyway, stay tuned…results are coming shortly.

UPDATE 9:26 pm: With 25 of 27 precincts counted in Alexandria, it’s Lovain, Wilson, Silberberg, Pepper, Smedberg, and Chapman for the Top 6. That’s looking like it will probably be the final results, barring a late charge by Menjivar. In other news, George Allen is winning with 65% of the vote; Goodlatte, Cantor, and Perkins all won big time, as did Randy Forbes. Oh, and Jim Moran is winning big, 74%-26%.

UPDATE 9:20 pm: With 23 precincts reporting in Alexandria, it’s now Lovain, Wilson, Silberberg, Pepper, Smedberg and Chapman for the Top 6, with Menjivar trailing by 123 votes in 7th place.

UPDATE 9:03 pm: Sean Holihan has conceded in the Alexandria City Council race, saying “we worked our butts off but we came up short.”

UPDATE 9:00 pm: With 19 precincts counted, Lovain, Silberberg, Pepper, Wilson, Smedberg, and Chapman for the Top 6. Increasingly, those look like the winners, but we’ll see…still votes to count.

UPDATE 8:44 pm: With 15 precincts counted, it’s now Pepper, Wilson, Lovain, Silberberg, Smedberg, and Chapman for the Top 6. After that, it’s Menjivar in 7th, then Moshenberg and Holihan tied for 8th.

UPDATE 8:34 pm: With 12 precincts reporting in Alexandria, it’s now Pepper, Wilson, Smedberg, Silberberg, Lovain, and Menjivar in the Top 6. Then, it’s Chapman, Moshenberg, Holihan, and Peabody.

UPDATE 8:24 pm: With 9 precincts reporting in Alexandria (out of 27), the top 6 are Justin M. Wilson (9.0%), Paul C. Smedberg (8.9%), Timothy B. Lovain (8.49%), Redella S. “Del” Pepper (8.45%), Allison Silberberg (8.1%), and Victoria A. Menjivar (7.9%). After that, it’s Sammie Moshenberg (7.4%), John Chapman (7.4%), Sean Holihan (7.0%), and Arthur Peabody, Jr. (6.6%).

UPDATE 8:12 pm: Goodlatte’s going to end up winning by nearly a 2:1 margin in the 6th CD. Can’tor’s at about 80% of the vote with 94% counted in the 7th. Perkins is beating Vaughn 63%-37% with 35% counted in the 11th CD. And Allen’s holding at 65%, with Radtke at 24% and the other two well under 10%.

UPDATE 7:59 pm: With 3 precincts out of 27 counted in Alexandria, Allison Silberberg is ahead with 9.4%, followed by Paul Smedberg and Justin Wilson with 8.1% each; Victoria Menjivar at 8.1%; Del Pepper at 8.0%; Sammie Moshenberg at 7.9%; Arthur E. Peabody, Jr. at 7.85%; Timothy B. Lovain at 7.33%, Boyd W. Walker at 7.30%; etc. Could be a long night!

UPDATE 7:48 pm: Nothing particularly exciting at this point. Goodlatte’s up 64%-36% with 64% counted; Cantor’s up 79%-21% with 85% counted; and Chris Perkins is up 65%-35% with 10% counted in the 11th CD. In the 8th CD, Jim Moran’s cruising with 70% of the vote with 29% counted.

UPDATE 7:31 pm: I still think Bob Goodlatte will end up winning, but he’s really not doing well, up by about a 60%-40% margin over an underfunded Tea Party challenger, with over 1/3 of the vote counted. Not impressive.

UPDATE 7:25 pm: With 57% of votes counted in the 7th CD, Eric Can’tor is beating Tea Party challenger Floyd Bayne 78%-22%. That one’s over. Also, in the 8th CD, Rep. Jim Moran’s up 72%-28% over Bruce Shuttleworth with 7.4% of votes counted. That one’s over too, the only suspense being the margin of victory for Moran.

UPDATE 7:19 pm: It appears that Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-6th) is beating Tea Partier Karen U. Kwiatkowski by a 2:1 margin with 8% of the vote counted. Again, I’ll go out on a limb here and say that Goodlatte will be the Republican nominee to face Democratic nominee Andy Schmookler.

UPDATE 7:16 pm: With 14.1% of votes counted, George Allen’s currently at 63.9% of the vote, with Jamie Radtke far, far behind at 27.8% (and the two other freakazoids, “Sideshow Bob” Marshall and this bizarre E.W. Jackson character, at just over 4% each). So, let me go out on a huge limb here (ha) and project that our old friend George “Felix Macacawitz” Allen will be the Republican nominee against Tim Kaine. If there’s any sanity and justice in the world, Kaine should crush Allen in November, but we’ll see.


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