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Virginia News Headlines: Wednesday Morning (July 4)


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, July 4. Happy (Declaration of) Independence Day! Oh, and with regard to that graphic, I’d say that this is what the very early stages of global warming looks like; as it gets worse in coming years, the storms, fires, and other disasters will also get much, much worse. Not looking forward to that (plus the mass species extinction and all the rest)? Then tell your Congresscritter to DO something about it – NOW!

*Heat wave raises warning signs for climate change scientists (Decent story by the corporate media, until the end of course when they just HAVE to do the false equivalency thing and cite the “climate change skeptics.” Next, a story on the earth being round which notes that there are people who believe it’s flat. Just. Stop. Doing. This.)

*Harold Meyerson: Thomas Jefferson’s view of equality under siege

*As area swelters, residents fume

*Closings and cancellations

*Tim Kaine will attend party convention, George Allen won’t‎

*Democrats follow anti-Kaine bus tour across state‎

*Storm means big wins, big losses for businesses

*Virginia officials try to count cost of possible Medicaid expansion

*Andy Griffith, face of small-town America, dies at 86

*Trailblazing Virginia legislator Yvonne Miller of Norfolk dies

*Loudoun County boards the Silver Line

*Silver Line will add challenges to already stressed Metro service (This is one of the numerous issues I’ve been concerned about regarding the rail to Dulles project. To my knowledge, there’s still no real answer.)

*Loudoun Supervisor Ken Reid explains his ‘Yes’ vote on Metro to Loudoun

*As Virginia Forced Ultrasound Bill Goes Into Effect, State Attempts To Trick Women Into Visiting CPCs

*Schapiro: Imagining a call on the McDonnell, Farrell party line

*Marylanders move in droves to Virginia

*N.Va.’s 911 emergency call system restored, officials say, but questions linger

*Nationals vs. Giants: Jordan Zimmermann, Washington open series by beating Tim Lincecum


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