5th District Voters Blast Robert Hurt for Invading Their Privacy: “Why are you recording me?!?”


    You may recall the our recent story about attacks by a right-wing shock jock/Rush Limbaugh wannabe, who also happens to be a close ally of Rep. Robert Hurt (R-5th), on the honor, courage and integrity of 35-year U.S. military veteran Gen. John Douglass, the Democratic nominee to take Hurt’s place in Congress. It was appalling, but sadly not surprising, as this is what Republicans like Robert Hurt and his extremist allies do.

    Well, now they’ve struck again. I won’t even link to the far-right-wing website that posted the latest “story,” but the gist of it is that once again they’re engaging in ridiculous, ad hominem attacks on Gen. Douglass’ character, temperament, etc. In this case, Hurt’s video “tracker” got extremely aggressive, invading the privacy of private individuals having a conversation with Gen. Douglass. When he wouldn’t back off, Gen. Douglass blocked the camera lens with a few sheets of paper, as the aggressive tracker argued that it’s a “public event.” Well, no, just because something’s a “public event” doesn’t mean you can videotape a private conversation, let alone at such short range. Here are a few reactions from the public about Robert Hurt not showing up at the event, but having his tracker invade people’s privacy:

    *”I wouldn’t want him to record me…you didn’t ask to record me, so why are you recording me?

    *”Amateur and impolite

    *”I think it’s horrible.”

    *”I don’t like it…listening in on a private conversation, although it’s in a public place, I think that’s just absolutely poor poor taste.”

    *”[Hurt’s] a coward.”

    Of course, we know how the right wing loves invading people’s personal privacy, also loves avoiding discussion of serious issues and attacking people’s character, all of which they’re doing in this case. Then, they really love nothing better than throwing a fake hissy fit when they’re called on their bad behavior. Oh, and as an added bonus, the corporate  lapdog media goes right along with it, even as they continue to ignore serious, substantive stories about Robert Hurt’s ties to the uranium industry, his votes to outlaw abortion in the House of Representatives, and his overall abysmal performance as the district’s representative.

    P.S. See the Douglass campaign’s statement on the “flip.”

    Instead of ginning up a right-wing hissy fit over a camera bump, Corporate Congressman Robert Hurt’s campaign should back off their spying on one-on-one conversations. Voters who are upset over his campaign’s invasion of privacy say it’s “horrible,” “skulking” and “poor taste”  — they rather see Hurt show up to a debate, where he can explain why he subsidizes corporations that outsource jobs, twice votes to end Medicare as we know it, and maintains financial ties to uranium mining that puts Virginia families at risk.


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