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A Few Good Twitter Comments So Far on #RomneyRyan2012 (or #RomneyRAND 2012)


As you probably know, Willard “Mitt” Romney has picked Ayn Rand disciple, and author of the plan to end Medicare, smash the evil government (including the military) in general, give huge tax breaks to the super wealthy (as Ayn Rand would recommend), and crank up the deficit for a few more decades. Brilliant, huh? Anyway, here are a few good Twitter comments so far. I’ll add more as I see them. Meanwhile, enjoy the thought of four more years of President Obama, and hopefully Speaker Pelosi again as well, as Dems all over the country run against the horrendous Ryan Plan. Most excellent! 🙂

@ppppolls “Last year we found Florida voters opposed Ryan plan by 16 points, North Carolina voters opposed it by 23” (Democrats, including me, are salivating right about now!)

@KrystalBall1 “I’m genuinely excited that it’s Romney/Ryan. Ryan has spelled out in no uncertain terms what GOP stands for. Let’s have that debate.” (Agreed!)

‏@GerryConnolly “It’s Paul Ryan. $5T tax cuts for the top,vouchers not Medicare, social darwinism for the safety net. Finally a policy debate $ can’t buy”

@KrystalBall1 “Everything you need to know about what a bad decision Romney is making by picking Paul Ryan: http://bit.ly/Q7s6Y7

@jonathanalter “The only question that matters in 2012 is, Do we want to become a libertarian nation? Ryan made his staff read Ayn Rand and he believes it.”

‏@politico: “Koch brothers have Paul Ryan’s back: http://politi.co/P7u4Vb

@AriMelber: “Paul Ryan’s economic priority – during a recession – is to cut the tax rate of the very richest Americans by 28 percent.”

@jedlewison: “Romney-Ryan 2012: The Committee to End Medicare* *As we know it.”

@markos: “Everyone is fired up tonight! Conservatives because they showed Romney who was boss. Liberals because we’re going to win!”

@CharlesMBlow: “Please let it be Paul Ryan! I will have killer columns through Election Day…”

Ben Tribbett on Facebook: “With large federal workforce, there is no swing state that the Ryan budget would hurt worse than Virginia. Makes stakes here even bigger.”

@mpoindc: “Picking Ryan is more shocking given Romney’s reluctance to embrace policy specifics. Now, he’ll have to answer for minutiae of Ryan budget.”

@billmckibben: “Meet Paul Ryan–it snowed in my district, so let’s not do anything about climate change” (that alone should disqualify him)

@BuzzFeedBen: “Dem operative emails: ‘I am now drafting releases in every congressional race I’m on about the ryan budget.'”

@CharlesMBlow: “Ryan-Romney 2012. Oops, did I get that backwards?”

‏@markos: “Dear Romney campaign, Fridays are when you announce BAD news. Oh wait…”

‏@markos: “The Ryan pick tells us that Romney was more concerned about winning his base than he was winning in November.”

@MattOrtega: “High profile Romney/Ryan endorser @realDonaldTrump blamed NY special election loss on Ryan budget to end Medicare http://bit.ly/OQQckl

@markos: “It’s really a bold move by the Romney campaign to put the senior vote up for grabs!”

@TheDailyEdge: “SOURCES: Romney impressed by the chilling lack of empathy Paul Ryan shows for the elderly, the sick and the needy”

‏@downwithtyranny: “Dick Cheney says he worships the ground that Paul Ryan walks on & Paul Ryan says he feels the same way about Ayn Rand” http://bit.ly/MKMCN9

‏@LOLGOP: “Romney/Ryan — The economics of Hoover, the ethics of Scrooge, the hair of a JC Penny catalogue”

@thinkprogress: “12 things you absolutely have to know about Paul Ryan:” http://thinkprogress.org/polit…


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