Charles Blow gets it right on Romney


    Romney is one of the worst presidential candidates in recent memory. He is stiff and awkward and inconsistent and struggles to connect with people. His track record is all over the place. And he’s willing to say anything and embrace anyone to further his ambitions, which is as distasteful a character trait as they come. If you are straightforward with folks, they may disagree with you but most will at least respect you. I’m not sure that Romney ever learned that lesson. His “by any means necessary” approach is by all measures repugnant.

    That paragraph is from Wrong-Track Romney, his New York Times column this morning. There is much more of value in there.

    Let me add about picking Ryan for VP

    1. Last time a sitting house member was elected VP was John Nance Garner, but he was Speaker in a landslide year (1932). Before that you have to go back to 1912.

    2. Last two times sitting House Members were on ticket as VP candidate did not work out so well –  Geraldine Ferraro in 1984 and Bill Miller for Goldwater in 1964 –  but at least Miller had some national stature as RNC Chairman.


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