Harrassment from Virginia Employment Commission


    After 23 years with IAC, Inc. in Strasburg, Va. I was terminated under rather onerous circumstances.  VEC determined that my case was in favor therefore I received benefits from Oct 9, 2009 until March 2010, when my benefits were stopped because the Human Resources at my former employer “decided” they wanted to Appeal the original decision!  After 3 “teleconferences” over a period of months, In late Aug.2010 David Jackson of the Winchester, Va. VEC along with the human resources at IAC, Inc. managed to get my benefits taken from me.  I have had NO job, NO income since.  VEC is NOW holding me for a “teleconference” this Saturday after I appealed as they want me to “re-pay” $6,000!!  I spoke to free legal council in Harrisonburg and they even said that a “teleconference” on Saturday is very unusual.  They validated my suspicions that it was because the VEC (knows) offices are closed on Saturdays.  (I can ONLY be approved for representation through the Winchester office in my “district”, NOT Harrisonburg.)  I have all documentation(s) from 2010, however I am aware that this “practice” is legal in Virginia! I have proof of the original determination from VEC.  As reprehensible as this is, at the very least it is unethical and immoral.  My question in conclusion is:  Why would my employer of 23 years do this to me?  VEC determined that I was terminated under their definition of “misconduct”!  Specifically, the issue was a tiny piece of plastic trim that pulled, rather than seperated from the molded part. I NEVER even signed the disciplinary form, as I refused.  The issue itself was not even in the definition of “non-compliance” as defined by policy.  As of the month of October 2009, I had accrued my 5 weeks paid vacation, and IAC,INC. withheld it!

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