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Kaine Campaign: Crossroads, Chamber Ads “Exhaustively Debunked”


So remind me, do TV stations using the public airwaves have any obligation to refuse ads that are factually incorrect, misleading, etc?


August 17, 2012 

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Richmond, VA – Please see below for an editorial in today's Roanoke Times that highlights the false, negative super PAC attack ads that were launched against Tim Kaine this week. The editorial calls the ads “exhaustively debunked,” saying “Voters shouldn't swallow their charges as facts.” The full text is below.

Editorial: A second helping of yuck

Interest groups are piling on attack ads against Senate candidate Tim Kaine that have already been debunked.
The Labor Day kickoff for this year's campaign season is still more than two weeks away, but outside interest groups are already serving up warmed over attack ads. Worse, the stale accusations being shoved down voters' throats have been exhaustively debunked.
The hapless “star” of three new negative TV ads that began airing this week is Democratic Senate candidate Tim Kaine. Surely his political opponents can scout out legitimate policy differences without resorting to fabrications. The former governor has an extensive record, and one that hardly qualifies as ancient history. He and his family moved out of the executive mansion less than three years ago.
But Crossroads GPS and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the advocacy groups underwriting the ads, aren't interested in a thoughtful policy discussion. They don't even seem to be that interested in saying nice things about Republican candidate George Allen. They just want to get the most bang for the millions of bucks they are spending by demonizing their target….


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