What would Paul Ryan mean for VA?


    Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan is in Virginia today, trying to explain why raising taxes on the middle class, ending Medicare as we know it, and gutting home front investments is the right path for America. Our leaders are supposed to work for all of us, not just the wealthiest few. We put together a little info graphic about what the Romney/Ryan plan would be mean for Virginia (here’s a hint: it isn’t good).

    Paul Ryan 1000.jpg

    Can you help us get the word out today while Ryan is trying to pitch his “help the rich get richer” plans across the Commonwealth and raising big bucks from the same folks who would benefit from his 1% tax cuts?

    The Romney-Ryan vision is clear: an America where hardworking families pay more so the richest few pay less. That’s a one-way ticket to disaster, not an America that works for all of us.


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