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Kaine Praises Advancements in Women’s Health Due as Key “Obamacare” Provisions Kick In


From the Kaine campaign:



Richmond, VA   As of August 1, provisions of the Affordable Care Act will now offer millions of American women access to expanded preventive services without co-pays. In recognition of this progress, Governor Tim Kaine released the following statement today:

“Today is another step forward in improving the health of our nation. The Affordable Care Act is already making a positive impact on the lives of millions of American seniors, young people, and women, and as of today, 47 million American women, including 1.3 million in Virginia, will now receive expanded preventive care at no cost. In addition to important services that are already being provided at no out of pocket cost, like mammograms and other cancer screenings, women will now have free access to screenings for gestational diabetes, HIV, and STDs, counseling for domestic violence, and free contraception and family planning counseling. These preventive services will reduce costs, improve the health of American women, and further reduce gender inequalities in our health care system.

“These important provisions and many others included in the ACA are why I reject calls by George Allen and others to repeal this legislation. Full repeal, which George Allen has repeatedly called for, would put insurance companies back in the driver’s seat, kick young people off their families’ plans, deny seniors free preventive care under Medicare, eliminate tax credits for small businesses, and limit women's access to affordable contraception and life-saving preventive care. If I am chosen to serve in the Senate I will fight for these key provisions and work to improve the ACA by reducing costs and continuing to expand access. Though there is much more to be done, the ACA remains a critical first step in creating a health care system that works for all Americans.” 


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