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Romney: Federal Investment Crucial in Development of MP3 Players, MRI, Lasers, Internet, etc.


Uh huh. So…once again, a slightly earlier, saner version of Willard “Mitt” Romney completely contradicts the current, “severely conservative,” aka “crazy” version of Willard “Mitt” Romney. Yes, indeedy, it turns out that Romney wasn’t always “so hostile to government investment in innovation,” that in his book, “No Apology: The Case for American Greatness,” he argued exactly what President Obama, and every other knowledgeable American, knows –  that federal government R&D “has led to numerous innovations and commercial successes – from lasers to MP3 players, and from the Internet to MRI scanners.”

In fact, Romney argues, federal investment is so crucial in the success of America’s economy, that government “funding for basic science and research…needs to grow,” including in “energy, materials science, nanotechnology, and transportation.” This isn’t optional; in fact, it’s “vital to the economy and to our nation’s competitiveness.”

But wait, it’s so confusing, isn’t the current Teapublican line that rugged individualists did all of this – built the interstate highway system, invented the internet, you name it – on their own? And isn’t Romney’s own book in complete contradiction of that (ignorant) meme? Uh, yeah. But does pathological liar Romney care? Uh, no. To the contrary, truth is completely optional these days for Republicans, including one particular Republican desperate to be elected president no matter what he has to say to get there…


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