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Why Do Reporters Repeat Deceptive RomneySpeak?


Mitt Romney is beholden to Big Oil but knows oil drilling is much less popular than clean energy, so he uses the deceptive “energy development” and “energy production” when he really just means drilling for oil & gas and digging up coal.

Romney knows voters want a level playing field for energy sources, but he also knows his energy plan plays favorites with his oil, hydrocarbon gas & coal donors while dismissing clean energy as a “failure.” That’s why Romney uses the deceptive terms “comprehensive energy plan” and “all of the above” when he really just means favors for his oil, gas & coal benefactors.

I understand why Romney uses those deceptive terms – they’re politically advantageous, while describing his actual energy plan would cost him support. What I don’t understand is why reporters then parrot his deceptive terms. Why don’t reporters translate RomneySpeak into actual reality?

As journalism professor & media analyst Jay Rosen writes, many of the political journalists covering Romney aren’t interested in what’s true – they’re only interested in what “works” politically.


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