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A Faux Issue for a Faux Candidate: Romney’s Pseudo-Morality


Hiding behind God is the last bastion of scoundrels.  While the GOP wraps itself in faux morality, it turns out God is missing from the GOP platform, said a Huffington Post op-ed. It’s true. Oh, God is mentioned in the GOP platform, alright, but lip-service is as far as the hypocrites go. So the Republican presidential candidate does what he does best-accuses the Democrats of leaving God out of their platform, when that is precisely what he has done. The word count is irrelevant. What do the GOP policies actually do?

There is nothing spiritual, good, religious, or  godly  about what the Republicans plan. Even the Catholic bishops, who get their knickers in a twist over women using birth control (as even the overwhelming majority of Catholics do), have chided the GOP on the matter of their attacks on services for the poor.  

In fact, GOP economic proposals are the antithesis of virtuous things. If you read this article you’ll see the depths of Romney hypocrisy, phoniness, and vicious untrustworthiness. Apparently, Romney also never read the parable of the Pharisee and the Publican. He should. It’s about him. Of all the political hypocrites who have ever lived, Mitt Romney is probably one of the worst. He takes the value of companies for himself while leaving the remains hulking disasters.  But Jesus practiced good stewardship and wanted his followers to do likewise. Mitt “likes firing people.”  And he has done so often in his predatory, vulture capitalism campaigns of destruction which destroys and/or offshores jobs, guts companies leaving them worthless and debt encumbered, dismantling the middle class piece by piece. It’s morally wrong, reprehensible even.  And it is long past time to say it.    

You can also tell his proposal are the antithesis of virtue by the harshness of his utterances, the people he’d let starve, those he’d leave to die without insurance, and the old he’d strip of real Medicare, leaving them to the market. No, the market won’t take care of that and Mitt damn well knows it.

He pretends he will grow 12 million jobs by throwing money at the rich and by the trickle down “economics,” which follow. Then he lies that his supposed closing of loopholes will prevent his own planned windfall for the richest Americans. He knows, and the record shows, that trickle-down “economics” doesn’t work for 99% of America.

Mitt says he will destroy Obamacare, but now all of a sudden, pivots, pretending he’ll save the most popular parts of it (while contradicting the latter statement right after claiming he’d save them). He’d let the market help those with pre-existing conditions said his staff, as if the market ever does. He’d also cut Medicaid and other programs for the poor. You cannot trust anything he says.  

Now the man, whose wife implies that Mitt is the king of the tithe, is simultaneously the decimator of the nation’s poor and middle class families, the decimator of the safety net and the decimator of any notion of good citizenship. It is hard to get through the eye of a needle…and tithing to your church tribe doesn’t count, except in warped tax law land.  And so the desperation move: Mitt all but proclaims he is the candidate who’s saving God.

The straw man suggesting President Obama will take God off our coins and (we are to believe) out of the Pledge of Allegiance (not that the latter wasn’t a late 20th century artifact, anyway) is a hoax. It should be unnecessary to add, there IS NO effort to remove the word “God” from coins. And while Mitt no doubt wants the 10 Commandments to be everywhere, he certainly doesn’t obey them (thou shalt not steal (jobs.) Thou shalt not steal corporate value while leaving everyone else holding the debt bag. There is no morality in the leveraged buyout.  

Thou shalt not bear false witness against your  neighbor. Did you hear that, Mittens? How many lies has he told about the President? In an earlier diary, I counted 25 that just his VP choice uttered in one speech. Mitt has been worse.

But in the GOP alternate universe Godliness = how many times you say the magic word, not what you actually do. You see, it wasn’t enough for the Democrats to have a whole section on faith and belief in America. It doesn’t matter what that section says. It has to be worded the way the GOP says it must.

The whole thing is laughable for a party which pretends to follow the words of Jesus, while following the tenets of an atheist (Ayn Rand), shunning and hurting the poor and middle class while doing the bidding of the moneychangers.  Jesus had a response to that.  And it wasn’t pretty.

The usual suspects of the Republican pseudo-religious “right” all huddled in Charlotte this weekend, after the Democrats had left town. They huddled to see how often they could say the word God. It is a competition, you know. They never read, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s.”

They also huddled in panic because people of faith are catching on to their pretense of virtue. People of faith, including some from religions known officially for opposing birth control, but people personally choosing it for their families, dissent from the pseudo-religious bull. Contraception isn’t wrong any more than taking a pill for blood pressure. And (almost) everyone knows it.  

They know there is no “War on Religion” in this country. It’s just a straw man erected every time the radical wrong wing is afraid it cannot control us enough to satisfy their gargantuan reach. If anything, the politics in our country has bent too far backwards to try to appease all manner of radical cons.

But there is a war against most Americans by the radical wrong-wing (including the so-called religious right). And those radical wrong “preachers”  and “faith based organizers” meeting in Charlotte yesterday have declared war on the rest of us. It is time they go back and re-read what Christ really said. And then they should think about this: If anyone is hurting organized religion, it is they. They are why some people leave. They preach disharmony with others, craven and predatory “economics” under the veil of the prosperity gospel, and a destructive militant millennialism which should render everything else they say as too extreme to listen to. Meanwhile, now apparently taking orders from the likes of Pat Robertson, the so-called Family research Council, and Franklyn Graham, Mitt just jumped aboard their faux train to nowhere.

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