Conservatives guilty of voter fraud themselves after pushing voter ID bills



    Across the country and here in Virginia, conservative politicians have been pushing ALEC-backed voter ID bills to combat a nonexistent voter impersonation problem. But it turns out they may have been the real election fraud problem the whole time.

    CBS 6 WTVR is reporting, “The Republican Party of Virginia has terminated its relationship with Strategic Allied Consulting over allegations of potential voter registration fraud in Florida.” RPV had paid the firm over $500,000 to register voters. The same firm has been fired this week by the Republican National Committee and the Republican Party of Florida over these allegations.

    CBS 6 talked to Chesterfield Registrar Larry Haake who investigated Strategic Allied Consulting after receiving reports that the firm was inappropriately asking people who they were voting for before offering them a voter registration form.

    Strategic Allied Consulting says its office address is in Glen Allen, Virginia, but CBS 6 visited the office location and the people there said they’d never heard of the firm.


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