Flashback to 9/23/06: Conservative Weekly Standard’s Brutally Bad Article on George Allen


    Was it just 6 years ago that the conservative Weekly Standard was ripping George Allen, with no less than a cover image of Allen with a monkey (aka, a “macaca”) on his back. A few highlights from the Weekly Standard article included:

    *The Weekly Standard calling Allen an “oaf” who is flatly “at odds with Virginia’s future.”

    *As for Allen’s angry response to Peggy Fox’s Jewish heritage question, the Weekly Standard ripped Allen, for having “lied” (that his mother’s  “French-Italian with a little Spanish blood in her.”).

    *They mocked Allen for having “clumsily joked” that “I still had a ham sandwich for lunch. And my mother made great pork chops.” OK, OK, we get it, you’re NOT Jewish (except you are, by Jewish law, but whatever…).

    *They said Allen had been “recast as a sort of bumbling phony, confused about his identity and his message.

    *Finally, they conclude with this parting shot: “If he fails, it will be only partly because the Virginia that captured his heart as a young man is slowly vanishing. Mainly it will be because of Allen himself.”

    As George Allen’s mother might say in her native language, French: “plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.” For those of us who speak English, not French, that would be, “the more things change (when it comes to George Allen), the more they stay the same.” Of, to put it one more way, as George Allen himself likes to say, you can judge someone’s behavior in the future by what they’ve done in the past. In Allen’s case, that includes: many, many incidences of racism; voting repeatedly to crank up the budget deficit through unfunded wars, and unfunded new entitlement program, tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans in the midst of two wars, voting 96% with George W. Bush, shilling himself out for big bucks to Big Oil, talking about how much he HATED being in the Senate, etc, etc.  Why would we think any of that would change if we send this clown back to the U.S. Senate?

    • fendertweed

      I wish I didn’t have to go to work each day so I’d have time to go to some Allen rallies and loudly ask Felix Macacawitz some questions about his pathetic record … what a pathetic asshat.

    • richmonder

      Churchill once said (reportedly) that the best case against democracy is a conversation with the average voter. Well, the average voter in Virginia looks just as likely to vote for Allen as not. So where do we need to take this argument to get the attention of all those benighted voters? The op-ed columns of the Richmond Times-Dispatch? Are there ANY others newspapers in the largest cities in the state that are likely to endorse Allen? The closeness of the opinion polls is scary since Kaine’s lead is only in the single digits. It’s nerve wracking.