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Another Polluter Front Group Issues Fake Climate Report


The Cato Institute, a former big tobacco front group that now shills for big polluters, is putting out a phony report designed to fool reporters into thinking it’s related to an actual U.S. government climate science report.

It’s not the first time a polluter front group has tried to trick reporters. Back in 2008, the Heartland Institute put out the “NIPCC report,” trying to glom onto the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report.

What’s most bizarre is that Cato and Heartland then go around whining that no one takes them seriously as an authority on climate science.

It would be like me going up on stage in a wig & skinny jeans, calling myself Justin Biemer, and singing “Boyfriend,” then complaining no one took me seriously as an artist.


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