“O Cantor, Where Art Thou?” Notes from the Road: Ashland


    The “O Cantor, Where Art Thou?” Barnstorm tour of the 7th Congressional district is well under way. It’s only 11:30 a.m., and what a day we’ve already had!

    We kicked off the second day of our tour in Ashland at the Hanover-renowned Ashland Coffee and Tea Company. By showtime, the room was brimming over with 136 guests clamoring for Dr. Ralph Stanley and Wayne Powell.

    By the time the bluegrass titan took the stage with his Clinch Mountain Boys, it was clear Dr. Stanley was not only made for spreading the gospel of bluegrass, but for musical campaigning as well.

    “Will you vote for this man?” Dr. Stanley asked the capacity crowd, pointing to a seated Wayne Powell. He was met with an overwhelming chorus of cheers and applause.

    And once Wayne took the stage, it was clear the room knew exactly which box they were going to check in the voting booth on November 6.

    We’re so excited to bring our message of social justice and economic fairness to the people of the 7th District. And an old-fashioned barnstorm is just the way to do it.

    Our next stop is in Culpeper. See you then!



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