Is North Carolina Still in Play?


    The prognosticators mostly say no.  But here is the thing. Something is going on to suggest there is more to this story.  

    By Tuesday North Carolina will have had visits from both Jill Biden and the First Lady, Michelle Obama. Jill Biden appeared at Cary HQ yesterday to spearhead a canvassing operation.  

    I was heartbroken to learn this as I was off my feet yesterday due to painful sciatica. At 5 PM yesterday I learned from a text from the Obama Campaign that tickets had become available for the First Lady’s appearance in Chapel Hill upcoming this Tuesday. But they were given out beginning early Saturday. Even had I known in time, I was, as I said above, not able to stand in line for the tickets. For a few minutes I surveyed my recent inability to see the President, the Vice president, their spectacular wives, or the Democratic National Convention in 2012. Having already been shut out the the Inauguration, despite having Purple tickets, we are just not having much luck with respect to attending Obama events. (Yes, I even tried to enter the Dinner with Barrack Drawings too.) And just as I began to feel sorry for myself, I thought, wait a minute.  There is such good news in all of this.  They must know that NC is still in play.  And that made yesterday a very excellent day after all.


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