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Tim Kaine Wins Key Senate Endorsements Across Virginia


From the Kaine campaign:


Kaine for Virginia
October 26, 2012 

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Richmond, VA – Over the past two weeks, Tim Kaine has racked up an impressive slate of endorsements from papers all across Virginia.  In key battlegrounds like Fairfax, Loudoun, Hampton Roads, and Richmond, papers have praised Kaine for his steady leadership of Virginia in tough fiscal times, his ability to work across the aisle with leaders of both parties, and his specific, issue-oriented campaign for the U.S. Senate.  As the Fairfax Times wrote, Tim Kaine “has what it takes to lead in tight fiscal times.” And, the Virginian-Pilot summed up the choice for voters in this election, saying: “Which candidate would work effectively in Congress with Republicans and Democrats, with President Barack Obama or with a President Mitt Romney? Without a doubt, the answer is Tim Kaine.”
In contrast, those same papers have called out George Allen for helping to “dig the massive fiscal ditch in which the country is mired,” for his career-long reputation as “a force of divisiveness,” and his “fuzzy” statements on key issues of the day.  
Please see below for what these newspapers have to say about Kaine:

“The contrast in character and intellect is even more stark. On those grounds, Mr. Kaine, a Democrat, is a better choice by leaps and bounds than Mr. Allen, a Republican.”
“Mr. Allen paints himself as a fiscal conservative, but general fund spending jumped when he was governor, in the boom years of the ’90s. It was flat during Mr. Kaine’s term, which coincided with the sharp economic downturn of 2008-09.”
“Moreover, by embracing the Bush-era tax cuts and opposing their repeal, Mr. Allen helped dig the massive fiscal ditch in which this country is mired.
“Mr. Kaine, admired as governor for his straight talk and civility, guided the state sure-handedly through the worst months of the recession.”
[Kaine] made judicious budget cuts forced on him by plummeting revenue — for which Mr. Allen is now attacking him — while pursuing goals he’d set as a candidate, including broadening access to early childhood education.”
“In a Congress seized by partisan acrimony, Mr. Allen, who once pledged to knock Democrats’ “soft teeth down their whiny throats,” would be a force for divisiveness. Mr. Kaine, like his mentor Sen. Mark Warner, has the potential to be a deal-maker. That’s more what the Senate needs.”
 “In one such exchange, it was apparent that Mr. Allen did not understand how birth-control pills work nor the implications of “personhood” legislation he supports, which declares that life begins at the moment of conception.”
 “[Kaine] favors a balanced approach to deficit-cutting. He would allow Bush-era tax cuts for the rich to expire — he’d set the bar at incomes of $500,000 a year, twice the level proposed by the Obama administration”
“Mr. Allen favors a different approach, having signed a pledge never to raise taxes, thereby allowing ideology — and specifically anti-tax advocate Grover Norquist — to trump bipartisan compromise.”
“[Allen] offers only fuzzy ideas for charting a path toward a balanced budget: cutting regulations(but which ones?), goosing the oil and gas industries (which are already booming) and implementing enormous phased-in spending cuts — again unspecified.”
“Mr. Allen and the anonymous, deep-pocketed allies who have paid for the barrage of TV ads against Mr. Kaine have traded in distortions.”


“Tim Kaine, not afraid to ask voters to sacrifice and think long-term, would make a distinguished U.S. senator in the best Virginia tradition.”
“…even Virginia newspapers that normally support Republicans are this year endorsing Tim Kaine – for his learned and thoughtful approach.”
[Allen] continues to say things that echo more like soundbites for an audition on angry talk radiothan as serious, credible, deliberative debating points for responsible governance.”
Nor is this a very gentlemanly thing to say about the opposition political party: “Let’s enjoy knocking their soft teeth down their whining throats!”…But Kaine’s opponent, George Allen, the Republican nominee, actually did say those things.  It’s an exact quote.”

“Which candidate would work effectively in Congress with Republicans and Democrats, with President Barack Obama or with a President Mitt Romney? Without a doubt, the answer is Tim Kaine.”
“During the past year, the former Richmond mayor, lieutenant governor and governor has crisscrossed the commonwealth pledging to find common ground and serve as a bridge for the partisan differences paralyzing Washington.”
“Deficit reduction is his priority, and he has advocated a compromise…”
“Kaine is willing and able, unlike his opponent, to discuss in detail his plans on those matters and others critical to people here and across the country.”
But Allen's record from his single six-year term in the Senate, starting in 2001, is plagued with the kinds of votes that are toxic to any fiscally responsible voter, as well as the candidate Allen now claims to be…”
The only candidate in this race offering an effective, collaborative approach – and realistic solutions – is Tim Kaine.

Gov. Kaine was faced with a more challenging scenario during his tenure, which saw the beginnings of the economic recession. It was a time for tough choices, which forced him to cut the state budget by $5 [b]illion, but there was still the opportunity for an investment in education. The end result was Virginia maintaining its bond rating and its Forbes rank as best state” in business.”
“[Kaine] has demonstrated a unique intellectual agility and an openness to new ideas and approaches that the country needs.”

“In a choice between two former governors, the current economic landscape leaves us favoring the one with experience dealing in hard economic times. We endorse Tim Kaine.”

“Kaine is among the finest public servants we know.”
“We strongly recommend that effort be put to getting out the vote for President Obama and Gov. Kaine.”
“The choice between moving forward or backward extends to more than economic policy, it applies to social values…”

“…wanton lack of oversight on the spending for two wars (one completely unnecessary and even criminal) and on Wall Street's unrestrained excess…Romney and Allen are both associated with those years and policies.”

“We are struck by Kaine’s willingness to work with the GOP should he be elected”
“On education, the former governor has a stellar record… during his time at the State Capitol, early childhood programs grew by 40 percent.
“Kaine should be able to continue Webb’s efforts as a protector of the Old Dominion’s veterans and service personnel. He was governor while two wars were going on and members of Virginia’s National Guard were deploying, and he knows how important defense contracting is to the state’s economy.”
“…[Kaine] would do everything he can for the Armed Forces.”

Throughout his remarkable 18-year political career, we have strongly endorsed the candidacies of Tim Kaine.
“…[Mr.Kaine] has significantly built on the Holton legacy by uncommonly standing up for equal rights, along with social and economic justice.”

“George Allen, whose disgraceful record clearly shows that he…[is] only concerned about getting President Obama out of the White House and turning the clock back on hard-earned civil rights gains.”

“Kaine’s campaign was driven more by ideas and solutions than partisanship and personal attacks. As governor, he got high marks for straight talk and problem-solving.”
“Allen has proven adept at lobbing grenades in Kaine’s direction…What he’s proven less adept at is providing details — details on how he’d grow the economy, add jobs and reduce the deficit.”
“Faced with massive revenue shortfalls during his last three years as governor, he [Kaine] worked with legislators on both sides of the aisle to cut more than $5 billion and balanced the budget. He did all that while finding money to expand pre-kindergarten participation by 40 percent and passing a $1.5 billion bond package for Virginia’s universities and community colleges.”

“Tim Kaine also has proven he has what it takes to lead in tight fiscal times and is the best choice for the U.S. Senate”



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