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Two New Kaine Ads Epitomize Why He’s Going to Win


Watch these two Kaine for Senate ads and it’s crystal clear why he’s going to win. First, Kaine’s far more likable than George “shove their soft teeth down their whiny throats” Allen. That’s just glaringly obvious to anyone, even to those who are only casually following the race. It’s also why over-the-top negative attacks on Kaine, like Jerry Kilgore’s infamous “Hitler” ads in 2005, and George Allen’s…well, all his ads in 2012, either don’t work or actually backfire. Second, Kaine’s message of one nation, indivisible, and of Democrats and Republicans working together to get stuff done, is infinitely more appealing than Allen’s “Democrats are evil, my way or the highway” approach. I mean, we’ll see what happens in 6 days, but my guess is that Virginians are going to choose the likable, bipartisan Kaine over the snarling, ultra-partisan Allen by a significant margin.


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