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Video: George Allen Praises Eric Cantor’s “Leadership;” Lies to 2012 Republican Roundup


Here are a few classic (defined as “false,” “absurd,” “idiotic,” “ridiculous”) quotes from George Allen, just from this one speech. This guy’s a real piece of work, that’s for sure.

*”Eric Cantor, who’s doing a fantastic job as a leader in the House of Representatives.” Hahahaha, yeah, fantastic job leading the most unpopular, worthless House in U.S. history.

*”Talk about our positive, constructive ideas that will improve people’s lives.” Like, uh….and, uh…oh forget it.

*”We need to rein in the regulators, the unaccountable unelected bureaucrats who are trying to outlaw coal.” Except that’s a complete lie. In reality, coal has been declining in Virginia for 50+ years, as coal production moves to cheaper, surface-mining operations out west (e.g., Wyoming). In addition, cheap natural gas due to “fracking” technology has caused utilities to “fuel switch” away from coal and to less expensive natural gas, not because any “bureaucrat” (that’s hundreds of thousands of Virginia voters, by the way, that Allen disdains) but because of – wait for it – market/capitalist economics. Amazing how that works, huh?

*”Stop EPA’s outlawing of coal.” Another Big Lie. In fact, EPA has done nothing of the sort, hasn’t even done anything about the heinous process of “mountaintop removal coal mining,” which it should have outlawed a LOOOONG time ago.  

*”We believe that health care decisions ought to be made by doctors and patients, not bureaucrats in Washington.” Uh huh, sure George. That’s why YOUR party right here in Virginia passed a bill FORCING doctors to a perform intrusive, unnecessary medical procedure on women. Also, of course, it’s not “bureaucrats in Washington” who are making health care decisions, it’s bureaucrats in the private, for-profit INSURANCE COMPANIES who have been doing that for years – rationing care, deciding who gets what treatment for how much money, etc. Now that the government has passed legislation to rein in those private, for-profit insurance companies from their most egregious practices (e.g., denying people coverage because of pre-existing conditions), George Allen gets angry. Fascinating how that works, isn’t it? In short, Allen’s for powerful corporations and against the people. Don’t let his torrents of bovine excrement fool you; Allen has never met a wealthy, powerful person or corporation he didn’t want to make wealthier and more powerful.

*No, repealing “Obamacare” will not reduce spending in Washington. In fact, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has made it clear that “Obamacare” actually will reduce the federal deficit. Of course, we know George Allen isn’t big on reading, but he really should read the CBO report and educate himself before he says things that are just flat-out wrong.

*I love how Allen stands up there and rails against the “failed debt deal” and the sequestration fiasco, with one of the chief reasons for all that – Eric Can’tor – sitting right there. Is that chutzpah, stupidity, pathological lying, or all of the above?

*As for the Senate not passing a budget, note how Allen doesn’t mention his own party’s obstructionism in causing that situation?

*Finally, Allen’s conclusion is completely backwards; to sum up, anyone with a brain and/or a heart should NOT be on the Republicans’ side, so they should get about ZERO percent of the vote. I guess the easy way to deal with Allen is to just take the exact opposite of what he says, and you’ll be pretty close to the truth.


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