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Video: Trailer for Upcoming Film on the War on Women in Virginia


Given the fact that in two weeks, Virginians will go to the polls to decide, among other things, whether to elect some of the most anti-choice politicians (e.g., George Allen, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan) in this country’s history, this trailer is very timely. From an email by one of those interviewed in the film:

New York based Ride5 Films, an award-winning film and television production company that develops fact-based series, documentaries and branded content, is creating a documentary detailing the War on Women in Virginia called Political Bodies. Please see the trailer here.

Please share it on your Facebook pages, twitter feeds, web sites, blogs, etc. to help get the word out about the fight for women’s reproductive rights, and why it is so important to all of us.  The more momentum we can get behind the documentary, the more exposure it will get, and the further the message will go!  Please feel free to forward this message to others you think would be interested in viewing and sharing.

For some background on Virginia Republicans’ war on women, see: 1) Peaceful Rally for Women’s Health Dispersed by SWAT Team in Richmond; 2) Starting Today, VA Republicans Mandate (aka, “Force”) Women to Have Ultrasounds Prior to Abortion; 3) GOP Response to Virginia Women’s Wishes: Call Out SWAT Team; Pass Ultrasound Bill Anyway; 4) Albo Says Wife Spurned Sex After Hearing GOP’s Transvaginal Ultrasound Plan; 5) And Now “Personhood”: VA Republicans “continue…to pass extreme bill after extreme bill”; and much more.


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