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Virginia News Headlines: Saturday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, October 27. Also check out President Obama’s weekly address, in which he “highlights the work of the new independent consumer watchdog he fought to create,” the goal of which is “to stand up for consumers and includes protecting every American from mistakes made by the companies who determine their credit scores.”

*Oct. 25: The State of the States (“Barack Obama maintains a narrow lead in the polling averages in states that would get him to 270 electoral votes. Mr. Obama also remains roughly tied in the polls in two other states, Colorado and Virginia, that could serve as second lines of defense for him if he were to lose a state like Ohio.”)

*Updated: “Frankenstorm” washes out Romney event in Va. Beach

*Blade reporter turned away from Va. anti-gay marriage rally (“A local  church on Friday denied a Washington Blade staff writer access to an anti-gay marriage gathering at which Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli spoke.”)

*Mark Warner makes two radio ads for Tim Kaine

*Anne Holton campaigns at CVCC

*Kaine tells NAACP gridlock must end

*Allen hits GOP talking points (Yep, that’s about all Allen does. Mindless pablum.)

*Cuccinelli to probe voter-fraud allegations against Moran’s son

*Sen. John McCain Campaigns for Romney in Fairfax City (Wait, didn’t McCain’s brother say that Northern Virginia is “Communist Country?” LOL)

*Kaine ad accuses Allen of siding with coal’s “big boys”

*U.Va. board member resigns, citing move to Florida

*Rigell, Hirschbiel’s key issues draw sharp contrast in 2nd District

*Douglass Explains Accepting Donations from Uranium Executives

*Schmookler attacks; Goodlatte responds (Gotta love how Goodlatte dodges all responsibility for his own actions, and for his own extremist party’s refusal to work with Democrats, the Senate, President Obama, etc. Andy Schmookler is absolutely right to call him on it, and the idiot media is wrong to say that constitutes an “attack.”)

*Sweetheart’ Redskins’ deal questioned

*New report shows Dulles board’s problems even worse

*Peninsula braces for Hurricane Sandy; flood watch issued beginning Saturday evening

*Northeast in crosshairs of ‘superstorm’ Sandy

*Electric utilities, VDOT gear up for storm duty


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