Felix Remix: You Know You Wanted to See This Video Again :-)


    George Felix Allen used his clout as a politician when he requested to be in the film Gods and Generals playing in a Confederacy reenactment portion of the film. But Felix wasn’t happy to merely play a confederate in Gods and Generals.  

    As a young man in Southern California he seemed to think he was in the southern Confederacy and sported a confederate lapel pin. As an adult practicing law, he had a noose in his Virginia law office and a confederate flag in his living room.

    Though Felix was a rich boy from the hills above the ocean in Southern Calif, he affected the Southern good ole boy anyway. This was all before actually moving to Virginia.

    As a teen Allen started dipping snuff. He wore boots, cowboy hats, and blue jeans, and sported a Confederate flag lapel pin. And he lived for football-if he ever had much of a choice. His dad, who went on to win a spot in the Hall of Fame, was a total hard-ass whose players nicknamed him Hitler and dubbed his training sessions “concentration camp.” (Allen sports maxim No. 15: “Most coaches vote Republican.”) The hours of game film George Jr. watched in his basement paid off with a spot on the University of Virginia football team.

    You can tell a lot about someone by the battles he advocates for.  George Felix Allen had a Confederate flag in his living room (and in his office).  And he kicks into racist, sexist mode if given the opportunity to “step in it.”

    Don’t let the public forget his “macaca” moment either. He brought shame on the Commonwealth and would bring shame to the US Senate.


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