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Cuccinelli’s World: the Objectivist Nightmare


PhotobucketYour mother phones crying. Your ne’er do well sibling has threatened her; physically shaken her; demanded money. You phone social services and they visit discretely; see bruises. Mothers often blame themselves; she won’t file a complaint. Ken Cuccinelli insists the abuser must be notified. Due process confers, he claims.

Objectivism actually explains such a misbegotten perception. In a narrow life experience such as Ken’s, he simply hasn’t had the exposure to reality required to develop a sophisticated perception of this situation. He is still in the “victim as perpetrator” phase of his maturity. You know, the one that explains why it is always the victim of rape at fault for the crime. Literally, his position is just as poisonous to the general welfare.

It is difficult enough to process and adjudicate elder abuse cases in Virginia without another obstacle. But here is one certified by our Attorney General:

Proposed changes to the regulation also provide the opportunity for an alleged perpetrator to request a review of the LDSS’s investigation findings when the disposition is needs protective services and accepts, needs protective services and refuses or need for protective services no longer exists. These changes ensure that alleged perpetrators are guaranteed due process (emphasis added).  – Agency Statement dated 5/16/2011

The comment period for this regulation ends this Friday. Everyone is encouraged to provide input through the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall comment process.

Please protest this inane application of due process and invitation to retaliation. Assist Ken with his continuing perceptual development and personal growth so that he might one day achieve that objectivist ideal.


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