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Idiot Closes Store to Mourn Obama’s Victory


PhotobucketThat’s not a judgment; just the search I used to find the story after I watched a report on a local television station. Part of the post-election theme which includes: “Welcome to Jimmy Carter’s second term” and laying off employees with Obama bumper stickers. Yes, Virginia, these conservatives hate America.

I hope the guy in Bedford who closed his jewelry store and posted signs in the windows understands the concept of an archive that will be permanently fixed to his genealogical record. And I know the other jewelers in town had no objection to his exercise of free speech and disassembly. Plus it is clear he doesn’t like America because it is not the America he imagines our forefathers envisioned.

The message that Obama’s reelection would hail the second term of Jimmy Carter never resonated, but Neal Boortz is counting on it carrying sales of his next book. He was wailing away while waving that flag the other day. Unfortunately Neal and his followers never understood that Carter’s second term probably would have been similar to Reagan’s economically, including all the deficit spending but without the breaks for the rich. In fact, I have always argued that if Alfred Newman had succeeded in 1980, economic recovery was already on the way by the time the eight years of Republican malfeasance that preceded Carter had been abated by sounder Democratic policy. Reagan was a right time and place guy and that is about all, except for some amount of personal warmth that Carter couldn’t generate even wearing those stupid Mr. Rogers sweaters.

And you couldn’t avoid a gag reflex from the anecdotal stories on the other right wing shows that had employers calling in employees the day after the election and letting them go because they had to get under the threshold of 50. Of course, they snickered about the “coincidence” that these same employees were the ones that had Obama stickers on their cars and needed a “lesson” for their support.

That really sums it up: These conservatives hate America and want to punish those of us who love and understand her. They want to invalidate the very thing that makes America strong. They would rather America fail than for it not to conform to their image, which is clearly one of intolerance and intractability.  


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