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Vote for “Turkey of the Year”: Bob McDonnell or Ken Kookinelli?


Wow, tough choice!  


Dear Lowell,

Turkey of the Year Award3.jpgLast year, we kicked off our first “Turkey of the Year” award to honor the Virginian who acted the biggest fool. For this year's award, the race comes down to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and our reigning turkey, Governor Gob McDonnell. It's too close to call so we need your help! Both Bob McDonnell and Ken Cuccinelli have made picking a winner a real turkey shoot – but we need to know which was the worst for you. So vote (again) today:

  • Vote for Ken Cuccinelli – The Attorney General's a strong contender for this year's Turkey, based on his record of manipulating his office and the law for his own partisan political agenda. Bullying the State Board of Health in an attempt to shut down women's health clinics and limit access to safe and legal abortion has earned him a spot on our ballot.
  • Vote for Bob McDonnell – Our reigning Turkey took the top prize last year for his outrageous budget gimmicks. This year's nomination isn't too far off that mark: 3 years into his term, Virginians are still waiting for the transportation solutions McDonnell promised. While we're sitting in traffic, he's maxed out the state credit card and proposed tolls on I-95. Is it enough to earn him the top prize two years in a row?

Just because the robocalls and campaign ads are over doesn't mean you have to stop voting. Combat your post-election withdrawal by casting a ballot for our “Turkey of the Year.”

Vote now and tell us why McDonnell or Cuccinelli is your “Turkey of the Year!”

Anna Scholl


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