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Jim Moran: NRA Press Conference “appalling,” “galling,” an “overreach” that “may well backfire”


Rep. Jim Moran (D-8th, VA) responds to the NRA press conference a little while ago, calling it “appalling,” “galling,” and an “overreach” that “may well backfire on them as the public reviews Mr. LaPierre’s statements.” Let’s hope.

The NRA’s press conference was appalling. Even more firearms are not the solution to reducing gun violence.

“Preventing gun-related massacres, like what occurred at Virginia Tech and in Newtown, Connecticut, requires a comprehensive approach that includes tackling mental health issues, looking at ways to better secure our schools, and changing our culture of violence. But perhaps more importantly, it means tackling the gun epidemic in this country with sensible gun safety reforms. The NRA attempted to completely shirk their responsibility to that key piece of this puzzle. It was galling, and an overreach, and it may well backfire on them as the public reviews Mr. LaPierre’s statements.”

A few more thoughts: “Any doubts that the NRA has been overtaken by paranoid, conspiracy theorists who live in a cartoon world of good guys and bad guys had to be put to rest by the appalling press conference just held by the organization’s executive vice president Wayne LaPierre…It would be very difficult to overstate the appalling insensitivity LaPierre showed; the paranoia, the victimhood, the passing of blame onto every other possible entity-Congress, the people who fight the NRA, the video game manufacturers, Hollywood, the medical community.”


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