Del. Scott Lingamfelter, GOP Candidate for VA Lt. Gov., on “Agenda 21” & “so-called global warming”


    UN Busybodies at Work in Virginia…

    January 12, 2013

    Dear Friends,

    The United Nations idea sounds harmless enough. (They always do.)

    But Agenda 21, a program of the UN and its liberal allies in the Obama Administration, is sweeping local and state governments across America, including Virginia. And we’ve got to stop it.

    Code-named as Smart Growth, Resilient Cities, and Regional Visioning Projects, Agenda 21’s stated purpose is “to assert the right and opportunity of all people to benefit equally from the resources afforded by society and the environment.”

    And how will the UN do that? By taking away individual freedoms from people like you and me.

    Playing on American guilt, these UN initiatives urge local policymakers to help fight so-called global warming by promoting smaller, “greener” homes, located near “urban centers” and “public transportation hubs.”

    But the only thing Agenda 21 will consolidate is liberal power over the rest of us!

    What Agenda 21 really seeks is to push Americans who live in suburbs and rural areas out of our cars, out of single-family homes and back to the cities, where our taxes can subsidize failing urban schools, neighborhoods and governments.

    Not in Virginia, the cradle of freedom. And not on my watch!

    I served 28 years in the Army, including combat duty in Operation Desert Storm.

    I’ve served 12 years in the Virginia House of Delegates.

    And I will not stand by while the UN-an organization with no legal authority over you and me-and its sympathizers tear down private property ownership, single-family homes, and other basic tenets of American life.

    Will you?

    To protect the American way of life and the Virginia way of less government, lower taxes and more freedom-I’ve announced a House Joint Resolution, HJ654, in the House of Delegates, calling on our state to lead the resistance to Agenda 21.

    And to protect our liberty, our prosperity, and our way of life in Virginia, I am seeking my party’s nomination for Lieutenant Governor.

    Please stand with me.

    To read this important legislation and receive email updates on the progress of HJ654 in the General Assembly, please click here.

    Because no idea from the UN can ever be considered harmless.


    Scott Lingamfelter

    Member, Virginia House of Delegates

    R-31 (Prince William and Fauquier)

    P.S. These “green” initiatives are simply props in a UN plan to demonize and destroy the American way of life. They want to make us just like the rest of the world, heaven help us. Please stand with me against this travesty of American rights and freedom.


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