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Fossil Fuel Interests, Including the Koch Brothers, Funnel Millions Into Attacking Climate Science,


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This story caught our eye, as it highlights what clean energy is up against: an extremely wealthy, powerful , entrenched fossil fuel industry willing to spend whatever it takes to head off the disruptive (to their industry) threat of non-carbon-based energy sources.

A secretive funding organisation in the United States that guarantees anonymity for its billionaire donors has emerged as a major operator in the climate “counter movement” to undermine the science of global warming, The Independent has learnt.

The Donors Trust, along with its sister group Donors Capital Fund, based in Alexandria, Virginia, is funnelling millions of dollars into the effort to cast doubt on climate change without revealing the identities of its wealthy backers or that they have links to the fossil fuel industry.

However, an audit trail reveals that Donors is being indirectly supported by the American billionaire Charles Koch who, with his brother David, jointly owns a majority stake in Koch Industries, a large oil, gas and chemicals conglomerate based in Kansas.


Robert Brulle, a sociologist at Drexel University in Philadelphia, has estimated that over the past decade about $500m has been given to organisations devoted to undermining the science of climate change, with much of the money donated anonymously through third parties.

The reason these people are attacking climate science, of course, is that the implications of global warming strike directly at the heart of their industry’s long-term profits, which come from extracting and burning fuels which directly contribute to…that’s right, global warming. At the same time, attacking climate science also helps the fossil fuel guys undercut an important argument for clean energy. A double whammy, in other words. Pretty clever, huh?


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