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Sen. Northam: McDonnell, Cuccinelli in “lock step” in Their Attacks on Women’s Rights


Democratic Lieutenant Governor candidate and State Senator Ralph Northam (D-Hampton Roads) blasts away at Gov. McDonnell’s approval – when nobody was paying attention, without a public announcement, “on the Friday between the Christmas and New Year’s holidays” – (can we say “McDonnell’s a coward?”) of harsh new restrictions on women’s reproductive health providers in Virginia.

The approval of strict new regulations on medical facilities that provide vital health care to women in Virginia, shows that Bob McDonnell and Ken Cuccinelli are lock step with the partisan agenda that brought women’s rights under attack this past year in the Virginia Legislature.  I led the fight against those efforts in the Virginia Senate and plan to continue this fight when the legislature convenes next week.

Meanwhile, Virginia Health Commissioner Karen Remley, who resigned her position over this issue back in October, has endorsed Sen. Northam. See the “flip” for her statement. It will be interesting to see how much of the 2013 General Assembly session, and also the 2013 Virginia elections, will center on “social issues” like the Republican war on women. Of course, if Republicans keep trying to keep women from being able to make their own decisions regarding their health and their bodies, it’s a high likelihood they will be a HUGE issue, and rightfully so!

I have known Ralph Northam for over twenty years- from the clinical setting to the General Assembly.  In every situation he demonstrates respect and honesty. He is a staunch believer in equal rights for all – women, children, elders-and he understands the government should never overreach in any situation – potentially compromising these very important rights that make us the country we are.


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