Senate Democrats Release Website Targeting Republican Extremism


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    With the legislative Session just two days away, we at the Senate Democratic Caucus have released a new website targeting Virginia Republicans’ radical social agenda.

    Click here to visit the new website, documents the Republicans’ assault on women’s health care. With Republicans poised to renew that agenda in the coming Session, Senate Democrats will post updates that highlight the ongoing costs of Republican extremism.

    The website also features two web videos, titled “2012” and “Bad for Business,” which show how Republicans took Virginia backward and made our state a national laughingstock in the previous Session.

    This website is a way for the Senate Democratic Caucus to communicate with the citizens of Virginia. Last year, the radical Republican agenda caught many Virginians by surprise. This year, with Republicans proposing even more divisive legislation, we want to give Virginians the information and tools they need to stop radical Republican overreach.

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