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Virginia News Headlines: Wednesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, January 30. Also, check out the photo of Kathleen Murphy (with Democratic State Senator and AG candidate Mark Herring, who I’ve endorsed), and let’s help her beat the godawful Barbara Comstock.

*Lawmakers see no deal in sight to stop sequester

*Obama urges Congress not to delay on immigration

*The tea party is losing a few of its revelers

*Senate confirms John Kerry as secretary of state (Congratulations!)

*Three Charts Reminding The GOP That Domestic Spending Is Already Headed Toward Historic Lows (Republicans don’t need no stinkin’ facts!)

*Committees advance bills requiring drug screens of welfare recipients

*Senate panel kills proposal to reapportion Virginia’s presidential electoral votes

*McAuliffe hires top strategists (“Terry McAuliffe has added two top strategists to his campaign for governor of Virginia, bulking up his team for what has essentially become a nine-month general election race.”)

*Key Va. House panel rejects photo ID voting measure

*Virginia Inches Closer to Allowing In-State Tuition for Undocumented Students (“Legislation modeled after federal DREAM Act moves forward Tuesday.”)

*Editorial: More ballot choices for Virginia voters (“Republicans may not want more voters, but their standard bearer favors more candidates on the ballot.”)

*McDonnell: Process won’t affect decision on Senate redistricting plan

*Transportation plan needs repair (“McDonnell’s proposal is an incomplete and inadequate response to Virginia’s needs. The best lawmakers can do is pick this one apart and rebuild it – or abandon it in favor of something that actually addresses our traffic problems.”)

*Cuccinelli suggests Justice Scalia isn’t conservative enough (Perhaps Attila the Hun is more to Cuckoo’s tastes? What a wacko.)

*Gov. McDonnell Noncommittal on Attorney General Cuccinelli Stepping Down for Campaign

*Warner, Kaine speak on immigration reform proposals

*Gov. McDonnell: shacking up penalty outdated

*Va. Black Caucus members blast unjust policies

*Public prayer bill advances from Virginia Senate committee (We’ll see what the courts decide on this one…)

*Virginia is for lovers (“Lawmakers in the Virginia House of Delegates should approve employment-discrimination protections for LGBTQ state workers”)

*Entertainment complex planned at former Va. Beach Dome site

*Dragas wins confirmation to U.Va. governing board (It really amazes me that there’s no uproar from UVA students, faculty, etc. on this one.)

*Washington Redskins and Negro Mountain: Two offensive names that need to be changed

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