Whose Religious Liberty?


    Women’s right to decide whether to use contraception and their right to have it as part of their health care should not even be an issue in 2013. But here we are fighting for women’s rights today as if we never fought on this turf before.

    That most women use birth control is a fact of life.  That even most women of Cuccinelli’s faith use it in overwhelming numbers is an established fact.

    Often rights are in conflict with the rights or perceived rights of others. Any primary right regarding women’s use of contraceptives belongs to individual women of childbearing age. It does not reside in those (wealthy patriarchs) who would try to prevent women from using contraception and/or making them pay out of pocket for them.  Yet today, some employers seem to believe not only should they be allowed to refuse to cover contraceptives in insurance policies, but even forbid their employees to use them.  


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