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Chopra speaks out against laws targeting women’s health centers


Today, candidate for Virginia Lt. Governor Aneesh Chopra submitted the following public comment on proposed regulations regarding women’s health centers. The regulations in question would place burdensome and unnecessary regulations on facilities that provide health services to Virginia women. Chopra’s comment comes during the Virginia Board of Health’s 60-day public comment period.

These proposed regulations do nothing to protect the health of Virginia women. This is yet another embarrassing attempt by politicians to attack the rights of women. I oppose these regulations and strongly urge the Virginia Board of Health to reject them.

The purpose of these regulations is clear: to use whatever means necessary to hamper a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions. Despite a bipartisan outcry against these regulations, the Governor and Attorney General bowed to pressure from the extreme fringe of their party and resisted any attempts to amend them. In fact, the Governor’s own economic advisers admit the regulations will burden businesses and cause job losses.

If we want to encourage growth and innovation in Virginia, we have to stop these shameful attacks on women. The simple truth is that if we continue down this road, people will not choose Virginia as the place to raise a family or start a business.

Chopra encourages all Virginians to speak out against these proposed laws by submitting a public comment.

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