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LCDC Applauds Stamos for Delgaudio Grand Jury


From the Loudoun County Democratic Committee:

The Washington Post reported this morning that the Arlington Commonwealth’s Attorney, Theo Stamos, has empaneled a grand jury to hear evidence against Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio. Delgaudio has been under investigation for months for his alleged misuse of office staff in improper political fundraising activities. Allegations were first made against Delgaudio one year ago, but those allegations were kept under wraps by Loudoun Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott York until Caitlin Gibson of the Washington Post uncovered the story last September. Since the allegations became public, the Loudoun County Democratic Committee has consistently called for an impartial and professional investigation of Delgaudio’s actions.
In the wake of today’s news that Ms. Stamos is presenting evidence to a Loudoun grand jury, LCDC Chair Evan Macbeth issued the following statement:
“I am heartened to learn about Ms. Stamos’ work with the grand jury. I have long thought that Supervisor Delgaudio’s actions were worse than improper probably illegal – despite Chairman York’s statements to the contrary. I am glad to see that Ms. Stamos is taking the matter seriously and using all the tools at her disposal to fully investigate the matter. I trust that she will pursue this matter wherever it leads, including investigation of any possible cover-up by Chairman York and then-Vice-Chair Clarke, and criminal prosecution of Mr. Delgaudio, if warranted.
As to the people of Sterling, who have been deprived of effective representation on the Board for the past few months, I can only hope that Supervisor Delgaudio will recognize that this grand jury investigation and the allegations against him make it impossible for him to fulfill his duties and responsibilities, and he will resign. Failing that, the LCDC remains committed to working with all like-minded residents of Sterling and Loudoun to ensure that the people of Sterling have responsive, honest and effective representation on the Board of Supervisors.”

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