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My 5-Sentence Review of Ken Cuccinelli’s Book, “The Last Line of Defense”


Thank goodness I didn’t actually waste any of my money purchasing Ken Cuccinelli’s book, “The Last Line of Defense,” as it is utterly unreadable, droning drivel. Unless, of course, you enjoy listening to a deeply weird, quite possibly deranged/tinfoil-hat-wearing, far-right-wing dude rant for page after interminable page about how the Evil Government is eating up all our “liberty pie” (seriously, Cuccinelli calls it that!), turning the America we know and love into a commie/socialist hellhole, dishonoring the Constitution of our Infallible Founders, blah blah blah.

Other than that, the book is boring, dry, poorly written, puerile, repetitive, unoriginal, tendentious, and a sure cure for insomnia if there ever was one. If someday you happen to find yourself stranded on a desert island with nobody to talk to and nothing to read, out of your mind with boredom and desperate for ANY form of intellectual stimulation, and if this book just so happens to wash ashore, I implore you to throw it right back into the ocean and resume talking to “Wilson” or whatever you’ve named your volleyball friend. It’s that bad.


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