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Desperate Cuccinelli Thinks He Has An Issue. Ha!


Ken Cuccinelli (Cuckoo) is really smitten with himself now that he’s found a real issue against Terry McAuliffe.  Terry had the nerve to Tweet a wish for Virginians’ storm safety while he was away.  

“Please stay safe in the snowstorm tonight & tomorrow.For more info on preparedness, visit @VDEM’s website: vaemergency.gov/readyvirginia

You know, he shoulda been back in VA. Never mind that those supposedly in charge spend their time posturing to be be Oh! so important to the 2016 selection (err-election); gerrymandering, rigging and cheating to keep Democrats from ever winning again; making Virginia a laughing stock; and, of course, losing Virginia’s once-superb bond rating. See Dan Sullivan’s article on the bond rating.  

But worse, Terry was at a fundraiser!  Do you believe it? Cuckoo never, ever does such a monstrous thing. Bad, bad, Terry. Only Cuckoo is allowed to raise money for his race to pretend to lead the Commonwealth of Virginia.

And as for voters…I mean can’t they see that the party of the 1% of the 1% (the .001-ers) cares more about Virginians than Terry? Can’t they take responsibility for themselves as Mitt Romney keeps telling them to do? Remember, the Virginia GOP candidate, like all Republicans, will move heaven and earth to really care about you and you and you, unless you are poor, get sick, are a child, or are old.  

So, I am talking to you. Can’t you  see that, because McAuliff went to FL, that he has no right hoping his fellow citizens are safe? Shouldn’t it be illegal for anyone from another state, or visiting one, to wish any friend facing bad weather safety and good health? Maybe that’s an issue for a current AG. (Aside: I’d better stop here so I don’t give the Virginia run-away Attorney General any ideas.)  

Certainly Cuckoo has no shortage of bad ideas.  Besides battling “Obamacare,” climate science,  the EPA,and women, he gives the newly insane neighboring NC General Assembly more bad ideas and inspiration. Once Cuckoo persecuted the state climate scientist, why, NC legislators realized they could forbid any state scientists from studying rising sea levels. And that’s only a fraction of of the cuckoo-ism that’s spread south of Virginia’s border. Perhaps Cuckoo’s problem is he doesn’t leave the state often enough.

Given how sniveling, pathetic and whacked is the GOP candidate, the real problem is that the state would be better off if he traveled 365 days of the year…the further away the better.

PS Thanks to the Washington Post for creating Faux News-like “importance” for the “sin” of Terry’s traveling in a free country to raise legal money to run in a supposedly free election.

Note: Credit for the photo goes to Coochwatch.  


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